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Now you're a Senior Member. What is next...

Once you become a member. What is next. 

Senior Member Welcome Booklet


WELCOME TO CIVIL AIR PATROL Welcome to Civil Air Patrol.

Your membership shows your desire and willingness to give of yourself through volunteerism in CAP. Although you may already know about the Civil Air Patrol, it’s always good to review the history, organization, missions, and your role in any organization of which you’re a part. In the first months of your membership, you will have the opportunity to learn about all facets of CAP.

This welcome booklet will provide some basic information on uniforms, member grades, awards, and the aircraft CAP uses. In depth information on these areas will be provided in greater detail during your orientation training. The booklet goes into great detail about CAPs web sites where you can find information and conduct business. This is important because access to CAP’s secure and unsecure sites is critical to your initial training and long-term success as a member. It’s important that you read on and establish your unique CAP member eServices account as soon as possible.

After you establish your eServices account, you can begin to learn about the organization through the Level I Orientation course as well as begin to take advantage of the benefits of membership. We are very proud that you have chosen to serve our nation by becoming a member of Civil Air Patrol. Best Wishes and Good Luck.

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