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How to Visit/Join

Step 1

Please contact Lt Nicholas Brandow or Lt Sam Portugues Klos at 631-504-0096 to learn more about the program.

Meeting Location:

Long Island Group Headquarters

1600 Lincoln Avenue
Holbrook, NY 11741

Step 2

Visit a meeting with your parents.  Let Lt Nicholas Brandow or Lt Sam Portugues Klos know when you are able to visit.  Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10 meets on Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm - 9:30pm.  Feel free to arrive 15 minutes early to meet people.  

Step 3

Attend at least three weekly meetings.

Step 4

For Cadet Membership:

Complete the Membership Application  

The local CAP squadron will give you a membership application or provide you with the information on how to apply online. 

When asked our Unit number it is NER-NY-328, standing for Northeast Region, New York Wing, Unit 328.

Download a Paper Cadet Membership Application


Fill Out the Online Application

For Senior Membership:

Senior member applications must be done by Mail because they have to have their completed Fingerprint Card, application, and check with National Dues, ($66.00), made out to Civil Air Patrol included.

Download a Paper Senior Membership Application

Annual membership dues vary by state. 

Membership dues: 

Effective 1 Oct 2021 to 30 Sept 2022 13 - New York Wing Cadets $41.00USD/Senior Members $66.00USD 

Click here for the membership dues table.

Squadron or Group Dues.

New Members are: $60.00USD

Renewals are $35.00USD

Which are payable to the Squadron by Cash or Check, (made out to New York Wing, Civil Air Patrol).


Step 5 

Submit your application through one of the following ways:


Ask your squadron commander if you are eligible to apply online.  Only new cadets can join online.  Former members have to submit a paper application.

When you join online, your form of payment is charged immediately.  However, the membership is in a pending status until the squadron commander verifies the prospective cadet's proof of identity. 

Once the proof of identity has been confirmed, the commander can approve the application and the cadet will be an active member.   For a list of acceptable documents used for the proof of identity, please see Attachment 2 in CAP Regulation 39-2 CAP Membership.


Dues can be paid by check made payable to Civil Air Patrol or by money orders.   

Mail your completed application and dues payment to:

Civil Air Patrol/DP
105 S. Hansell St.
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112 

Expedited Mail 

FedEx and UPS are both delivered directly to the National Headquarters building.  

Priority/Certified Mail from the United States Postal Service may be delayed several days while it is routed through the Air Force base mail system.  

When your application is received by Member Services at National Headquarters, it is date stamped and processed in order by the date it arrived.  The cadet will receive an automated welcome email when the membership is processed.    

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