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Though Civil Air Patrol is known for its flying missions, CAP adults members, known as Senior Members, do so much more than just fly. In fact less than one-fifth of all CAP members are pilots or aircrew members. CAP adult members come from all walks of life including electricians, lawyers, educators, retail workers, clergy, truck drivers, retirees.   Really just about any career or background can be found in the ranks of the CAP adult membership.  

Adult members help out at the squadron with day-to-day operations like managing the finances or keeping inventory of equipment.   In emergency services and operations, members may help with communications, transportation of goods, taking photos or helping distribute water and food.  CAP has more than 23,000 youth in a its Cadet Program.   Adult members help in all aspects of the cadet program, so it's a great opportunity if you want to be a positive influence in a young person's life.   

There are many opportunities to serve as a volunteer in Civil Air Patrol.  Reach out to your local unit to find out how you can help.                  

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